alon dehan aka alon wolf is THE mistake of god. he/she/it is all the cancer of the left side of politics, concentrated into one being and ho shit is it ugly. alon is a furry, a brony, a feminist, an SJW, a nudist, an animal rights activist, a weeaboo, a sonic fan, an equalist, a treasoner, an autist, fat, an LGBT activist and worst of all, exists. he works as an IT support assistant for a high school and thinks it means he works at microsoft HQ. alon is also sexually incompitent and lies about "getting his dick wet" with this hambeast of a bookworm he calls a girlfriend, as when asked, he cant even answer if he did oral or not thus making it obvious he is a virgin and making him look like a complete jack off liar.

File:Alon dehan bio by alon98-d8jwnyc.png
Day of the dead by techmakaalbarn-d5k15ao

say hello to maka, his heavyweight champion girlfriend


all photographs of alon are extremley hard to find or removed. but if you want a good idea on what he looks like, he is a fatter, neckbearier version of kopy (see: kopy)


alon made an encounter with both britbong and constable wanker before they knew eachother.

britbong first made contact with alon when he was trolling a sonic roleplay sim on second life and started attacking alon's girlfriend making alon transform into white knight mode. britbong's trolling was so affective, it triggered a shockwave that caused all of the sonic sim's users to break down and lash out at eachother, with alon as the preacher. alon got so mad that he actually turned on a crasher and failed. during his crash attempt, alon was almost crying whilst angrily shouting at britbong.

Second Life SONIC LOVERS (Trolling)03:51

Second Life SONIC LOVERS (Trolling)

skip to about 1 minute in to see the degenerate furfag in action

what made it more funny was how alon had left his female voice changer on while he was angrily ranting. not that he needs a voice changer because he sounds like a woman trying to sound like a man.

constable wanker's encounter started with him complimenting alon's CGI garry's mod port. this started as nothing but after alon found out that constable was against gay rights caused alon to suffer a 3 year period. constable did not respond to alon's offensive spam until alon started to go out of his way to take down constable's videos on youtube. eventually constable and alon had a skype call together and alon stupidly left his webcam on whilst constable was recording. this made alon very butthurt when he saw the video on youtube and went all out trying to flag the video and get it taken down because he was so insecure with how he looked (can you blame him?). the video remained on the internet for about a year until constable's 5th youtube account had been shut down and the video was lost forever. by then, everybody knew that alon was an obese neckbeard and had taken sides with constable. a facepunch thread exposing all of alon's autistic furry porn was created and his personal information had been leaked. alon was being attacked everywhere he existed and thinking it would make a difference, alon actually apolagised to constable as a beg for mercy, where constable pretty much had alon by the balls he chose to be a dick and laugh and tell everyone that alon has begged to kiss and make up. constable wanker had virtually proxy bullied alon off of the internet totally. alon shut down his everything except his tumblr which is now private. alon now knows his place and doesnt even comment on the internet anymore.

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