boyd doghouse is a drama prone, easily butthurt, cuck victim who looks like of the creator of minecraft. he is well known for being britbong's number 1 stalker. he goes out of his way just to offend britbong or defame him but fails every time and results in everybody laughing at him. boyd is also a confirmed paedophile in all dimensions as he was caught on multiple counts looking up the personal information of under aged girls on second life.


is that a smile or an anus?

cause of the japanese tsunami

boyd has nothing to live for and is THE most wasted amount of space in the universe. however, his position in the united states of america provides a good balance of gravity for those residing in japan. last time boyd moved, there was a tsunami which killed hundreds of innocent hard working japanese. it is a theory that second life was made just to keep boyd at his computer at all times to avoid making him get bored want to move, thus preventing another disaster.

no friends syndrome

nobody likes boyd and anyone who has met him has grown to dislike him. he is revolting to talk to and look at. though he denies it, it is a fact that boyd's extreme autism causes him to naturally be a rude and offensive person. he has only had 1 marital partner (clara jenkins) who turned out to be using boyd to look after her children while she could mingle with other gentlemen.

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