Britbong (real name Dominic Vanner) is a professional youtube troller who is still funny and is one of the few who havent degraded to low quality xbox call of duty trolling children with low volume dubstep in the background. He is well known for his famous second life (a shitty facebook meets the sims like game) trolling videos.



from being stalked and doxed by numerous degenerate foes to getting paid big bucks to laugh at people on streams, britbong has come across a variety of spergs and seen a lot of drama in the NEET life, but he always pulls through with minimum consequences, which causes whoever is on the receiving end of the trolling to explode into tears. one of his biggest challenges was pulling through the copyrights for the well known meme he created that is "forever alone". the fact that he rightfully owns forever alone has outraged numerous faggots on the internet who have been illegally disputing the meme.

it has been confirmed that britbong obtains "dragon ball z" like trolling powers which, channelled correctly, can cause his enemies to suffer intense autism reactions such as crying/raging on mic, or spewing random shit to avoid being roasted.

one of the funniest conflicts of britbong was with boyd doghouse, an obese, less appealing clone of the creator of minecraft. boyd's relation to britbong is extremely strong as boyds entire life seems to revolve around britbong, and has gradually grown more pathetic and less threatening every time he scrapes the bottom of the barrel just to slag off brit or something low and harmless. thus making it hilarious to watch.

maidens slept with

there are literally not enough pixels in the world to list how many women britbong has been inside. some are real from this dimension, some from the anime dimension, i hear he even went back in time once and gave marilyn monroe some action.

all we know is, he makes panties drop like nukes on hiroshima.

Second Life Cultural Enrichment (Trolling)04:01

Second Life Cultural Enrichment (Trolling)

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