the cancer dimension (also known as the autism realm) is the name given to a world where people like hooded find brony/furry/undertale/fnaf (and so on) fan art and spam it for cringe revenue in chat. gateways to this dimension include:

  • deviantart
  • tumblr
  • furfanity

the contense of the cancer dimension is usually autistic fetish vore artwork, anthropomorphic my little pony characters, furries in speedos, or characters posed as if they were on the cover art of anaconda. anything in the cancer dimension has the ability to infect one with autism or cancer and sometimes down syndrome should they remain in the cancer dimension for more than an hour without intermittent breaks.


breaches are when something has leaked out of the cancer dimension and has started to gain interest in britbong. these creatures are referred to as "ironics". simply because it is ironic that someone who belongs in the cancer dimension is attempting to be part of something which is strongly against it, like a jewish nazi. they are only ironics if they show interest in britbong.

when a breach occurs, a biohazard team is scrambled and must isolate the ironic and safely extract them from chat, regardless of the ironic's opinion.

other classifications of ironics include:

  • bronies
  • furries

known ironics

  • trollkitbrony
  • spotted goldfin
  • undeer666
  • discord69

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