Britbong has made several characters that appear in many of his videos, they have become quite popular among his fans for their extravagant personalities and voices.

Timmy / The Grand Wizard Edit


One of BritBongs most popular characters is Timmy a.k.a 'The Grand Wizard'. A benefit abusing neet weeaboo with a high pitch voice and grotesque figure. He uses his autism to his advantage, scamming Second Life players into giving him money.

His lore can be quite confusing but the general consensus is that he has some kind of split personality disorder, living his day to day life pretending to be crippled in order to get autism benefits and at night his true form comes out in the form of 'The Grand Wizard' where he uses his autistic super powers to bully pedo freaks and salty old women on second life.

In Britbongs 2016 Christmas video it was revealed that Timmy is the son of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson nothing else is known about his family other than he me also be related to Big Dawg

The Big Dawg Edit


Another popular character is The Big Dawg, he was Britbongs first character and appeared in his first video. He is a large & burly bearded bald man who was created as a parody of your stereotypical British "Hard nut".

His birth name is unknown, we know he is British and he is keen to point that out to anyone that questions his ethnic origins. A fish'n'chips aficionado The Big Dawg is very British and very proud of it.

His occupation is a taxman, anyone who doesn't pay their rent will surely get a visit from him and he won't let it slide. Part Super Saiyan he also has unbelievable strength and is capable of kicking paedophiles far into the sky.

The Big Dawg passed away some time around 2030-2050 when the zombie apocalypse finally struck earth, he fought off the horde before ultimately committing suicide via a self inflicted gunshot wound although it's still unknown if this is fully canon Britbong has not confirmed it and he still occasionally makes appearances in his videos, most recently in Britbong's INFILTRATOR video where an alternate posher version of him appears asks a cyborg version of Timmy to take out Second Life Paedophiles.

The Lost Boy Edit


The Lost Boy was a character that appeared in one of Britbong's earlier videos titled "The Lost Boy" a chainsmoker he is usually seen with a cigar hanging out of his mouth, he is approximately 4-7 years old and has no known parents.

He can usually be seen around family house sims where he forces the owners into adopting them by guilt tripping them with the fact that he doesn't have a mother or a father.

A little bit of a sex pest, many believe he is currently Britbong's current donation voice which fits perfectly as his donators tend to post quite lewd comments with a little boy text to speech voice.

Forever alone Edit

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One of Britbong's most infamous creations is "Forever alone" a depiction of a man/woman upset by the fact that they will never find a significant other.

It's been debated on whether or not Britbong actually created "Forever Alone" but he is the current copyright holder of the character, he hasn't made an appearance in any of his videos.

The Kek's Edit


The kek's were created around the beginning of 2016, it's not known how many Kek's there are, infact there could be thousands as many of his fans create their own versions of a Kek.

Sporting a puffy face, large stomach and usually a quite radioactive looking skin color they're easily noticeable throughout Second Life.

Ripahar, an unoriginal fan of britbong uses a purple Kek sprite.

Britbong himself has stated himself that his favorite Kek is the yellow one (seen in middle of picture) and it's the one that he often uses.

The EDL Chavs Edit


Believed by his fans to be father and son the chav's are a pair of EDL supporters. They're a parody of your typical englishman that wears nike clothing and regular attend pubs.

The larger of the two once trolled a muslim from the BBC.

The older, shorter one is a sex pervert. Constantly looking to get his dick wet he'll shag anything within a 20 mile radius, he's also quite a big fan of Indian food, stating in one of his videos he love to "Get a girl a curry and give them a good shaggin"

Britbong will occasionally create alternate version of the chavs for his videos.

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