Colossal is Crazy is not in direct affiliation with britbong, but they get along very well and we figured we could get colossal some free shilling if we gave him a page here. colossal is an extremely well grammered, well toned, e-drama correspondent who formally did some call of duty trolling, "pretending" to be a 70 year old man who wanted to do drugs.


clown town

colossal may be a psychotic clown who just wants to electrocute your toaster but he is actually rather intelligent and is great at describing why people are paedophiles or other monstrosities. you probably want to stay on his good side because he doesnt even need any dirt to roast the fuck out of you. and that buttery voice is to die for.


before we knew colossal, he first appeared in the classic animated film, brave little toasrer where he is seen drowning a toaster and dragging a child outside his house (probably to be shot)

Brave Little Toaster Clown Dream01:14

Brave Little Toaster Clown Dream

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