constable wanker is britbong's self proclaimed "top dog mod" (constable is mainly known for being an ass kisser for britbong) and is the angriest motherfucker most loyal of all britbong's knights. he mainly resides in garry's mod (gm_evanland) and slags the shit out of people for being utter faggots (mainly bronies) and wastes of space. constable is always fucking furious and when somebody says "u mad" to him, means absolutely nothing.



galloping gaylords

if theres one thing constable hates, it is bronies. constable wanker's relation with bronies has been sour due to an explicit amount of autism. he cant talk to one without cringing and brining up how much of a faggot they are. it pisses him off that he cant get his hands on them in real life, and lets out the endless explosion of rage out by smashing an old computer monitor with an axe. constable's main brony rivalry originates with alon98, who is everything constable wanker hates. however, after 3 years of non stop conflict, constable's followers built up and took side and pretty much bullied alon98 off the face of the earth. the only trace of him that remains is his shitty autistic ridden tumblr page which is now private.

rage ticker

constable can get so mad, it can be channelled into an explosion projected out his ass/mouth and sometimes toenails. to control this and avoid internal damage, constable's heart is attached to a "fuck overload resistor" which prevents him from making his heart explode when he rages.


insane psychopath in the making


  • constable wanker is a virgin
  • constable wanker has no penis as he lost it in a microwave explosion
  • ringo starr narrates constable's life from a third person view

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