Dickle creates fan art for britbong and sometimes other people of britbong's following just to depict how ugly we all are. she is one of the few who try to stay away from drama and sticks to sarcastically slagging off people she knows. according to the relations database, dickle is everybody's self proclaimed mother. dickle is also chaotic good, which means she actually cares for the people in the community. people she has and never will meet before. we have plans to kill dysek just to see if its true.



mating process

dickle acts friendly to lure you in just so she can create a baby and then eat your corpse. this is 100% true and proven after she attempted to target kekkle but ultimatly resulted in kekkle escaping with both his legs torn off and after being treated, explain what he saw. we are to understand that dickle is also responsable of killing godzillathehun and bodypen.

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