a kek (homo kekloloidius) is a race of prototypical, anthropomorphic, sentient beings. their gene pool is 00, which means they are 100% formed from pure memes (they do not reproduce with eachother). they all have the same anatomical figure and are only distinguished from eachother by theme, name, and skin colour. they also have abilities that differentiate them from other keks.


keks were first created when britbong was dicking around with the inbread sliders in the second life appearance editor. it resulted in him accidentally created yellow kek (first and leader of the kek race). it rapidly grew and keks are now commonly seen freely roaming around the violet safehub. their sheer existance appears to be enough to outrage common violet users.


all keks share the same anatomy and shape. they are, short, fat, rectangular headed humanoids. they come in 2 breeds. the higher tier breed and the sub tier breed. the higher tier consists of the original keks. the original keks are colour based and are named after said colours whilst the sub tier consists of themed keks. themed keks are the next generation of keks when they realised there were no more colours available for more keks. they are dressed and accessorised keks of any colour to suit their theme.

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