kopy is britbong's self proclaimed "arch nemesis" even though he is nowhere near britbongs level. kopy is an extremely cringe worthy transvestite who suffers from autism. when britbong's encounter with him resulted in him getting butthurt and almost crying after britbong started laughing at him, he put on an "evil genius" voice thinking he was being funny or something. he hates britbong very much and thinks he has what it takes to fight him. he even says it out loud just for self reassurance. kopy is identified as a younger, stupider, slightly more embarrassing version of alon98 (see, alon98).


long greasy hair AKA the failed mullet for betafags


it is understood that kopy has been abused in school and was one of the less popular kids. he has no social skills and was an annoying twirp which resulted in negative response including being bullied and tormented by popular students. kopy's choice of clothing involved the shit you would expect a bunch of emofags to wear. adding the fact that he is fat, white and unhygienic suggests he gonna do eet soon. surprisingly kopy has not shot up his school yet.

what kopy went through in school has resulted in him developing into a sad, strange little man. you have my pity.

because of how much of a pussy he is, kopy could not fight or even disrespect the alphas who bullied him. as a result, he took his anger out on chris chan, thinking nobody had ever done that before. it was hilariously ironic because kopy is just a self aware version of chris chan.

a very weak drinker

during a las vegas trip with his fellow betafag clan, kopy had a drink. A. FUCKING. DRINK. JUST ONE. though the drink was unspecified, it resulted in him skipping 2 days of the trip in his hotel room while his chums were out having fun. all because he has a widdle baby hangover. aaaaaaaaaawwwwwww :(

Kopy r kopy09:44

Kopy r kopy

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