Piplad is a member of Britbong's loyal vanguard (and a self proclaimed Jedi). He is a reformed furfag and now hunts them for the safety and benefit of the world. Pip often spends his time abusing e-celebs on twitter or trundling around Lincolnshire in his shitty Fiat 500 (the Olie Trollie). Pip is one of the few respectable members of Britbong's following and is more abused by his kin than his enemies.

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Right, Piplad what do I say here, he's a big ledge, he's a maaaaassive star wars fan and likes to read up on all the latest star wars news and shite, he's got his big mates, cincast and his lads backin him up and shite n'all Just a big legend tbh

Colossal LoverEdit

Colossal is Crazy is Pips big hero. He stalks Colossal and calls him as much as possible even though colossal doesn't have the time for it. Colossal doesn't mind Pip but he does find him extremely fascinating. The concept that someone who owns five fucking fake lightsabers and owns an adventure time poster can have that much confidence in himself baffles ones mind. He is one of Earth's natural wonders.

Various images of the man in funny situationsEdit


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