Russoplays Edit

He has a subscriber base of 191K people, most are children between the ages of 9 - 13. He has currently brown refugee hair and has short black facial hair covering his lower face area. He is approximately 160 pounds and has a skinny build.

During one of Britbong's various YoutubeGaming stream raids, Britbong came across said person's Youtube stream as of the 18th of August 2017.

The raid first began by Britbong calling said person a Pedo for playing Roblox with small children and continued by pushing his fans to do whatever they wanted. After the first stream, Britbong continued raiding people but his fans that raided the channels started to say "Russo raid" as they were raiding to either make fun of Russo or make him look bad ( agenda unknown ).The Day after the raid done by Britbong was done, Said person started whining on his Twitter that his reputation was severely damaged and Team Youtube should remove Britbong's channel for the reason that people were imitating said person's fans and that they were conducting raids in the name of Russo, heres the video he posted on his Twitter.

The video was clearly edited in a way to make Britbong look like he says the things he reads in his stream chat as what he actually thinks. Said person's 9-13 y/r old viewers lapped it up and began mass reporting Britbong without seeing Britbong's side of view.

The uproar caused many of Russo's fans and twitter SJWs to mass report his account and in question led to the termination of Britbongs 3 Youtube accounts including BritbongReturns, and Eggbong on the 1rst of September 2017.

Britbong's words are now being carefully chosen now that half of his fan-base has been split from being 52k to 12.5k people because he doesn't know if any of his previous actions may push himself off the edge into obscurity because of today's tight rules and SJW internet culture. Currently, his Twitter is the only place besides his Discord that people can get live updates on when the stream will start and news from Britbong.

Recovery Edit

-Britbong is now in recovery mode as of the 2nd of September and now instead of Youtube Gaming, he has begun streaming Temporarily on his *TwitchTV.

-Rumors of Russo molesting his infant child are hearsay but may have the valid ground as his child looks disturbed and scared when Russo lays hands upon it.

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