Dia is the human embodiment of eeyore, only more depressed and less passive. he is identified as an illegal kek breeder and trafficer.

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"hahahah he sounds like eeyore" -Paravania

falkland islands survivor Edit

dia is a falklands war veteran who single handedly flew a vulcan bomber over argentina and carpet bombed MK-82s over the presidential building and vaporised the faces off of whoever was in charge at the time. when he got back, his memory was erased and he is unaware of his heroism.

rhodesian armored car escort Edit

dia is also known for his affiliation with the brave men that served in the Rhodesian Armoured Car Regiment during the Bush War. they were nicknamed "The Black Devils" by their enemy.

however, because the country of Rhodesia disformed into Zimbabwe, dia ran off under the witness protection agency of the Queen as a moderator for the big boss britbong.

trivia Edit

  • dia is uncircumcised

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